We currently have three experienced practitioners located at our Castlecrag clinic. Our physiotherapists also offer mobile physiotherapy home visits to the following suburbs: Castlecrag, Castle Cove, Chatswood, Northbridge, Willoughby and Cammeray.

What we offer

Accurate and thorough assessments

Accurate and thorough assessments that are set to the highest example to diagnose your  injury, identify all its potential causes and from that knowledge, construct an individually tailored exercise program which encompasses much of our injury preventative strategy.

Manual techniques

Manual techniques that are movement specific and therefore, a more efficient approach in addressing the structures involved with your movement impairment compared to traditional therapeutic modalities (e.g. ultrasound or electrical stimulation).

Pilates Classes

We use our expertise in musculoskeletal physiotherapy to tailor an exercise programme specifically addressing areas of weaknesses and instability that affect your physical capabilities.

A Convenient Location

A convenient location as our clinic in Castlecrag, 10 minutes from Sydney CBD, and we offer mobile physiotherapy home visit services to clients in the lower North Shore (Willoughby, Chatswood, Northbridge, Castle Cove and Cammeray).

A unified and holistic approach

A unified and holistic approach by regularly staying in touch with your sports/orthopaedic/neurological specialists, GP, allied health practitioner (e.g. exercise physiologist, chiropractor/osteopath) or personal trainer in order to stay on top of your health management and ensure that progress is continual and consistently aligned with your fitness goals.

Therapeutic aids

Therapeutic aids and orthopaedic braces/supports to assist with the treatment and management of your injury

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