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Sports physiotherapy and rehabilitation involves the assessment and management (including prevention) of injuries from sporting and recreational activities at all ages and levels of ability. Our approach differs slightly to that of other musculoskeletal injuries as we will analyse the sport specific requirements (i.e. muscle groups involved for optimal function) and its impact on your injury to develop a management plan that allows you to resume a safe and optimal return to sport. In some cases, a multidisciplinary approach is involved and we will liaise with your orthopaedic specialist, GP and other relevant professionals (e.g. exercise physiologists or personal trainer) to discuss diagnostic findings and about your rehabilitation program.

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While manual therapy and taping may be applied initially to assist control the early inflammatory phases, our aim of treatment is to improve your strength, flexibility and endurance towards pre-injury level, using an evidence-based exercise approach so that you may return to your chosen sport safely in the shortest period of time. We will also address muscle imbalance issues identified from your assessment to reduce your injury risk and enhance your overall sporting performance.

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Small rehabilitative classes are offered at the centre whereby participants will follow an individualised program tailored to their level of injury. These classes combine structured gym-based exercises with the Pilates Method principles as safe and effective strength building requires absolute movement control and precision.

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