What is Perinatal Pilates?

Our Perinatal Pilates classes have been designed with the expectant and new mum in mind. It is a core strengthening and postural improvement class that focuses on the working relationships between the abdominals, back, diaphragm and pelvic floor muscles. Our Perinatal Classes can help prevent any back, hip and pelvic girdle pain as a result of growing, birthing your baby and lifting your infant. It can also improve incontinence, tone the pelvic floor and treat abdominal separation post birth. They are also great for aching, stiff shoulders and necks from feeding and cuddling your baby!

Who is in my class?

We encourage you to bring your baby (up to crawling age) and exercise in a fun and safe environment. With your baby within arms-length, these classes are truly mum friendly. You also have the opportunity to meet, share and create friendships with other new mums and their bubs.

We allow no more than 4 to a class, allowing for close supervision of technique so you can get the most out of each session. All Perinatal Classes run for 1 hour and are progressive, building on the skills and exercises from the last class.

Who instructs our class?

Our Perinatal Classes are taken by a qualified ‘Exercise in the Childbearing Year’ Instructor. Pilates instruction performed by our physiotherapists may be claimable against your private health cover extras.

How do I become involved?

We require medical clearance from your GP or Obstetrician (a form will be provided to you) to participate. An Initial Assessment Consultation is also required prior to you joining a class. We recommend you attend 1 to 2 classes per week for 6-8 weeks. You can then either continue with a standard Pilates class or participate in a home exercise program incorporating Pilates principles which will be designed for you and managed semi-regularly by your physiotherapist via clinic attendances.

Fee Schedule

Semi-Private Pilates (Max 4 per class)

1 Semi-Private session: $55
10 Semi-Private sessions*: $450 ($45 each, total savings of $100)

Private Pilates (one on one)

1 private session: $130
5 private sessions*: $575 ($115 each, total savings of $75)
10 Private sessions*: $1,050 ($105 each, total savings of $100)
*All packs are non-transferable and have a 3-month expiry.

Tuesday Thursday
9:30am 9:30am
1:30pm 1:00pm

NOTE: These are currently potential class times, we are happy to negotiate days/times to suit you and your family.