mat pilates classes northbridge sydney

Mat Pilates is the newest service provided at North Shore Physio and Pilates.

Our mat classes are 60 minutes in duration with an emphasis on abdominal (upper and lower) strengthening, gluteal stability and control, balance and flexibility of the spine, upper and lower limbs.

Mat Pilates is not only about utilising one’s body weight to perform the various exercises, we also use different apparatuses in our classes (e.g., dumbbells, Pilates rings, chi balls, foam rollers etc.) to maximise your physical results.

We keep our classes limited in numbers (6 maximum) so that our instructor can ensure you are doing the exercises precisely and with control.


As we have just introduced this programme to our clinic, we only have the one class running:

  • 7pm Monday: Beginner-intermediate level

We plan to open additional classes throughout the week.

  • Casual Mat Class: $35
  • 10 Mat Classes: $280 ($28 each)

Note: Mat class packs are non-transferable and have a 4-month expiry.

If you are interested in joining our mat classes, please phone us on 9958 5180 or contact us.